Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hoskins 50th Anniversary

It is always an honor to cover those big moments for people. I was very happy to share with this couple their 50th wedding anniversary of Danny and Rose Hoskins.

Monday, May 2, 2011


This kid was just fun. He came in with mom and grandma, and we all had a good time getting him to smile, laugh and be adorable in general. He was pretty still for being almost 2, but he was young enough where I didn't have to pose him, just follow along after.

A Sunday with Jake

Jacob is pure sweetness. And he's three, so hanging with him is a treat.

Avery and Emery

I was thrilled to get to meet my friend Katie's two daughters, Avery and Emery. On the sheet she had to fill out to describe them, she put one word: girlie. And they were! So very girlie--which I love more than anything. They donned Easter outfits and we even squeezed in a tutu session. They were cute and sweet and we had a lot of fun.